Fennimore County Jail

Exterior Rendering. Revit Architecture

Floor Plan

Interior Rendering. Revit Architecture

Structural Model

Structural Model


Fennimore County Jail is located in the fictitious town of Agincourt, Iowa which was created by NDSU professor Ronald Ramsay. The town has been slowly growing over the years as professor Ramsay assigns various projects for design studios and seminars. The creation of an imaginary town is an excellent way to simulate a real life project. Each student project is accompanied by a narrative which illustrates the story of the people involved in the project and their relationship to the real life historical fabric of small town America.

Placed in the late 60’s, the project was an exercise in historical trends and style. The jail uses a podular-direct supervision system. Five pods house groups of inmates during night hours. During the day, the inmates are freed from their pods and allowed to be in the day room. In the day room, they are under direct supervision of the guards. This system has been proven to work for moderate risk inmates as a way to increase morale and decrease violent incidents.


NDSU 3rd Year Studio